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What is it?

LiteAdmin is a feature-rich CSS-only admin template!

It provides a nice interface using the most advanced CSS hacks features, so you can just care about building your nice app, and we take care about making it work on all browsers without a single line of JS!

To make it easier for most developers to learn and start using, a good part of this template shares the same markup/classes of Bootstrap. The amazing Bootstrap Grid is included too!

What can it do?

Common template things:

Cool features built purely with CSS:

So I cannot use JS with this template?

Of course you can! You just don't have to add a lot of dependencies to make basic things.

  • CSS won't break the rest of your code if something fails;
  • CSS is a bit more secure. (of course you read every line of all JS dependencies, so you are sure your users are secure, don't you?);
  • Only one CSS file. Only one request;
  • Use the elements you already have. Don't reinvent the wheel nesting divs to create a custom element (such as a progress or a range input) than struggle to control it with JS.

JS is welcome to:

  • Add functionality to your nice app;
  • Improve things where CSS is limited;
  • Polyfill features to older browsers.